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Damon Dash was Created at New York , May 3, 1971. He’s also referred to as Dame Dash, also he’s music producer, executive producer, screenwriter, performer, and definitely an entrepreneur. Hos age is 45 decades. As a new boy, Damon Dash sold papers and grabbed a floor by a New York barber shop, which he used the dollars to purchase his tops. He also learned his work ethic. He began in a school after his mother obtained a higher education and died. He immediately discovered areas at which he required to excel and had been a very young student. They is able to be located in @DashDamon, at which he arouses endeavors where co stipulates the portfolio of his own tag, he been part of or as @damondashstudios on Insta-gram on Twitter.

Historical Livelihood

If he produced the record of the vampire band Original Flavor, damon Dash. Tone Hooker, Certainly one of First Flavor ‘s associates, turned into a team person in this album tag Dash would make years.

Professional Livelihood

Dash is Your along with Shawn Carter along with Kareem Burke . The record label has functioned amongst other people, with Jadakiss, Kanye West, DJ Clue, and Jayz. Roc a fella started for jay z being a completely independent music dwelling, whilst Dash functioned as the director and business partner of their rapper. Back in 1999 he organized a trip. When the tag was bought by Def Jam Recordings on 2004, the association between both entrepreneurs began to break apart. Jayz became the mind of RocaFella and consented to eventually become the president of Def Jam . Bought the stake of Dash in Rocawear. Jayz has confessed the relationship began to break apart after Dash attracted politician Cam’ron’s into the tag without the approval of Shawn . The business enterprise by Damon Dash is the participation using an up Blind Debit and application that’ll enable fingerprint payment.

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Because @joshawebber want to pretend directed my movie and @muddfilms wants to steal my footage that was shot on my camera and produced by me and pretend he can fire a boss because I let him pay the editor only so he can stay in the game because he said @tonywhiteceo lied to him as well and because we will be dealing with this in court I will show every day of the shoot of me directing and @joshawebber being my assistant I will never let a #culturevulture take the credit for anything I have done… and I’m turning this into a doc @joshawebber you are the poster boy for culture vulture and I caught you live… don’t try to rob anybody else…I’m sure this isn’t the first time…make this the last #staytuned @culturevultures_book available now… #thelistthemovie #whatthefuckisdearfrank @claudiajordan @brianjwhite tell everyone what really happen j

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Personal Existence

Damon Dash was married to Rachel Irene Roy, also a fashion designer. Roy meet Dash if she became the manager of kiddies and those ladies ‘s ‘s sections of Rocawear at the calendar year 2004. They educated on 2009 and became husband and wife in September 2005. The couple has two brothers, also the court awarded her brothers along with Roy a restraining order against Dash then she registered for custody. He had been participated with R&B singer Aaliyah. She was 22 when she died in the 25th day of August 2001 in a plane crash. In addition, he has a boy called Damon Dash II. Her mum is Linda Williams, Long Island nursing student who issued a restraining order against Dash due to surplus e mails that are harassing. Being a reporter and news anchor she functioned By 2004 to 2007. She transferred to function as anchor of CBS affiliate WUSA-TV. Back in November 2010, she combined the air channel WVRX as a portion of this team that conducted the “Kirk along with Mike” morning series. Back in 2011, she abandoned WUSA and lastly joined WRC-TV (called in DC as “NBC 4 ” or “NBC Washington”). She functions as a reporter and weekend anchor.

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I’m not in the music business but if I come across a true artist that’s doing cool shit I’ll support… its never for the bread always for the art my son @boogiedashtl brought @hassanthankgod around and because he’s crazy and a real artist I’m helping facilitate his dream I can do that when I feel like it…his approach is different and he’s not trying to fit in….pause..I fuck wit it…he did some cool shit at my gallery @Dd s33_ ..I don’t respect an artist unless he has a good show …you will be able to see it on #ddtv @damedashstudios #staytunned he’s from the Middle East by the way he likes that shock value shit #sandniggaalbum @blurocrecords #staytuned #dougie what’s your ig?

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Managing Her Website

OhMyGoff can be an internet weblog based Angie Goff, writer and by the cross-platform. Your site comprises Goff’s job because she broadcasts survive face-book news cities. She has a team of authors that are updating brand new content that is insightful . Besides news, it has family articles & lifestyle. There’s also a choice on this webpage send pictures and videos of an event and in order to donate to your site. Your site stipulates a great deal of user generated material which publishing is screened prior by the team. Capitol File Magazine picked the internet site of Goff this year as no 2 in Washington blogs. The magazine named Goff 2 times in arow (2010 2011 ) as probably one of the very influential folks within the main city under 40 yrs of age.

Individual Life

Goff is wed Robert Ellis III, to physician. The couple had their first child in December 2002, a girl called Adora Kate. Back in 2013 they’d Robert I V and your family remains in a family room. OhMyGoff is written by her husband. Because she wishes to maintain the majority of her information confidential, she have not published her wages. She moves on @ohmygoff on Insta-gram and Twitter however she doesn’t print things. On her social media reports, she would like to create updates.

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